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America’s First Business Accelerator Dedicated to Serving the Department of Defense

The mission of the ACIN Camden Technology Center is to identify small businesses and technologies that are of interest to the military and the US Government, and to help them create markets for their technologies, products and services–thereby increasing jobs, growth and improving the long-term sustainability and survivability of the companies. Our program is focused on small businesses with technology that provides benefits to the Department of Defense – either by leveraging commercial-off-the-shelf  technology or developing new technology with the potential for commercial development.

Established in 2001, the ACIN Camden Technology Center is a America’s first business accelerator dedicated to serving the needs of the Department of Defense.

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Argon ST
January 30, 2015

Company description: In today’s fast-paced and highly complex threat environments, Argon ST is driven by an overarching goal to help the warfighter make sense of the technology and threats facing our forces—and provide the capability to beat them. To help our customers make sense of it all, we deliver powerful ...

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